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Clinell Peracetic Acid Range - 25 Wipes

Clinell Peracetic Acid Range - 25 Wipes

Proven protection against high-risk and hard-to-kill organisms.

A perfect compliment to an everyday disinfectant such as Clinell Universal wipes.

"As microbial resistance increases, infection prevention becomes even more important. Continuing threats, such as multi-drug resistant Gram-negatives, and emerging organisms like Candida auris put patients at risk and can be incredibly difficult to remove.
For over 15 years, GAMA Healthcare has been developing and manufacturing infection prevention solutions to healthcare facilities across the globe. We drive scientific innovation in microbiology, formulation chemistry and product design.
Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes are a high-performance disinfectant, more effective than chlorine against hard-to-kill organisms, spores and biofilms. 

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